Monday 5 May 2014

Christa's birthday

Christa's birthday - something to celebrate, first breakfast in bed!

Home make-over

 Tom is doing some make-over and dug out some tools to make something nice.

What will it be??

Little mummy!

Two big boys = one little mummy!

What more to say??

Mat's haircut

 Once in a while Mat needs a good haircut and when it is nice weather it is done in the garden.

Wednesday 31 July 2013

Dalfsen with van Rijns

Nog net even onze vrienden uit Frankrijk op bezoek gehad. Geweldig om elkaar dan in Nederland te zien.

At the last moment we have also met our friends from France. Great to meet each other in Holland.

Fun in Norg

Op bezoek bij de Rijssjes die op de camping in Norg stonden. Gezellig en goed elkaar weer te zien.

Visiting the Rijssjes family in Norg, where the were at a campsite. Good time together.

Family picture

In Hoorn bij familie, dus even wat familie-fotos!

In Hoorn with family, so some family pictures!